Baroque Flat Bead Chain Earrings E-32

Baroque Bead Tri-Cable Necklace 'N 21ST3'

Baroque Beads/Curved Pendant Necklace 'N 26ST'

Baroque Beads/Dangles/Tri-Cable Necklace 'N 40ST'

Baroque Bead/ French Wire Earrings 'E 21ST'

Baroque Bead/Post Earrings 'E 21P'

Baroque Bead/Tubes/French Wire Earrings 'E 21T'

Baroque Bead/Pearl/French Wire Earrings 'E 22'

Marble Beads Tri-Cable Necklace 'MN 15ST3'

Marble Bead/French Wire Earrings 'ME 6ST'

Marble Bead/Tubes/French Wire Earrings 'ME 6T'

Marble Bead/Post 'ME 7'

Marble Bead/Curved Pendant Necklace 'MN 19'

Calla Lily/Pearl Necklace 'N Calla'

Calla Lily/Pearl Earrings 'E Calla'

Color Calla Lily/Pearl Necklace 'N Calla C'

Color Calla Lily/Pearl Earrings

Calla Lily/Pearl Earrings and Necklace/Gold

Tuxedo Calla Lily Necklace & Earrings

Necklace $164, Earrings $90

Calla Lily/Pearl/Silver Chain Necklace

Bells/ "Y" Chain Necklace 'N 43'

Rings "Y" Chain Necklace 'N 44'

Rings French Wire Earrings 'E 44'

Flat Beads French Wire Earrings 'E 30'

Flat Beads Necklace 'N 30'

Hex Nut Bracelet

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Clear Tube Bead Necklace

Baroque Bead Leather Necklace

Baroque Bead Rubber Necklace

Cobalt Tube Bead Necklace

Lake Green Tube Bead Necklace

Amber Tube Bead Necklace

Clear Tube Bead Earrings

Flat Bead and Silver Necklace

Cremation Beads

Loved one's ashes embedded in a glass bead.
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